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Vintage & Antique Straight Razors

Our selection of restored Antique and Vintage straight razors were made in the day when "Quality" really meant something. The Steel is "premium" and the look and style is timeless. Choosing one of these razors over a new razor is a sound investment.


Wet Shavers are a happy bunch

Reclaim your rituals

When a task becomes a chore, a thinking person will acquire the necessary skills and find the right tools so that they can transform that chore into a pleasurable pursuit for life.

Invest in your character.

Our products represent true value for your money. No paid advertising, just word of mouth. Keeping it simple.


The Lobster is all about the grip, aggressive style knurling creates a strong but practical grip.

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2020 Safety Razor Range

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WET Shaving

Sounds interesting...

I went down the rabbit hole and I'm still down there...Enjoy the journey


Learning is FUN!!

It can be quick but its more fun to make it last a long time. Is it a hobby or just grooming, or can grooming be a hobby

Wet Shaving will SAVE

There are creative ways to make it look like the cheaper option....
But the truth is, here we are...

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YAQI EDEN Safety Razor - A closer look

Manufactured for longevity and performance the stainless steel handle provides superior grip and balances perfectly with the YAQI SRH-04 Head. Together they provide a very well balanced shave at a medium level aggressiveness.

YAQI Razor Packaging

Previously we have kept our packaging to a minimumso that we can also keep our pricing as low as possible.However feedback to date as pushed us to look for a better way to present our Safety Razors going forward AND keep the same great pricing.

What is a YAQI Beast Head?

The name Beast comes from the aggressive look and aggressive shave that the head gives. It was aptly named by Youtube Shaving Reviewer Kit (check out his channel here) who first discovered the combination and how well it shaves.
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