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YAQI Razor Packaging
YAQI Razor Packaging
Previously we have kept our packaging to a minimum
so that we can also keep our pricing as low as possible.
However feedback to date as pushed us to look for a better way to present our
Safety Razors going forward AND keep the same great pricing.
What is a YAQI Beast Head?
What is a YAQI Beast Head? The name Beast comes from the aggressive look and aggressive shave that the head gives. It was aptly named by Youtube Shaving Reviewer Kit (check out his channel here) who first discovered the combination and how well it shaves.
New FREE Domestic Delivery for all orders over $45
New FREE Domestic Delivery for all orders over $45 After a successful first 6 months in Australia YAQI have decided to lower the FREE Delivery threshold from $80 to $45.00.
Learning about Safety Razors
Learning about Safety Razors It's a Razor for shaving your face, head, body etc. Just like the one you currently use except it has a few fundamental differences, they are;
Wet Shaving for Women
Wet Shaving for Women You’ll have much less razor burn, if not none at all, and fewer nicks and cuts.  The practise of Wet Shaving itself will make you more aware of the products you use.
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