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Learning about Safety Razors

Learning about Safety Razors

I must say that I am still a little surprised that some people have obviously never used or even seen a Safety Razor. But at the same time I find it encouraging that there are many people out there that have no idea just how good they are.

I was showing some products to a Barber the other day when a customer (male 30ish) saw the Safety Razors and enquired as to what they were! He genuinely did not know. 

So I thought it was time to take a few steps back and put onto paper (screen) a little introduction for those who have not had the pleasure of using a Safety Razor yet.

I will not dive deep into the different types etc, just a brief overview.

yaqi safety razor

It's a Razor for shaving your face, head, body etc. Just like the one you currently use except it has a few fundamental differences, they are;

    • The blade is the only part that you have to change. Not the complete head of the Razor. This itself has many benefits;
      • You only have to buy replacement blades (approx $20 per 100) instead of replacement heads (approx $15 per 5).
      • One sharp blade is better than the 2 or 3 blades cartridges.
      • Because it's so much cheaper you can use a new sharp blade more often.
      • Easier to keep clean.
    • The Handle is heavy, usually metal. This allows the weight of the Razor to do the shaving for you. You do not have to apply pressure when using a Safety Razor like you do with a cartridge razor. 

    yaqi safety razor

    This Razor is called a "3 piece" for obvious reasons.
    The total weight is approx 100g

    • Replacing the Blades is easy, but for those who have never done it before it can appear to be a little scary as you have to handle the blade. Just common sense and patience is all you need. 

      yaqi how to

      The shave itself is what most people become addicted to. It's good, very good and no matter how inexperienced you are, you will quickly adapt to it and find your own technique. With a little searching online you will also find many people sharing their techniques so you can try them as well.

      What else do you need to shave?

      Well essentially the Safety Razor is the starting point, you can use this and whatever shaving cream you were using before to shave. BUT I bet you become interested very quickly in these items:

      Using a good Shaving Cream, a good shaving brush and a bowl will allow you to experience the wet shaving experience completely.

      wet shaving set


      So what are you waiting for? Jump on in and enjoy shaving again.

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