Types of Synthetic Shaving Brush

Types of Synthetic Shaving Brush

YAQI pioneered the synthetic shaving brush market and have continued to develop new synthetic knots that set new standards in performance and reliability. With a growing reputation under their own YAQI brand and also as an OEM manufacturer for some of the worlds leading brands.

YAQI offer a number of different Synthetic Styles in 2018.

yaqi knot types

They are:

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Determining the characteristics of a brush can not be done from the Knot Type only. You need to also consider the Knot Diameter & Loft Size. 

Generally all YAQI brushes are of a "BULB" shape, they have found this to be the most desired shape. In the range you will find a couple of "FAN" Shapes as well as some "BULB" shapes that verge on a "HYBRID" Shape but still lean more towards the "BULB.

For Badger Hair YAQI Styles:

Yaqi badger hair knots


Measurements of YAQI Brushes.

You'll see in each brushes description at set of measurements, this is how they are measured.

shaving brush Handle measurements


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