What is a YAQI Beast Head?

3-in-1 Beast Mode Option:

When you select this option on Selected YAQI Razors you will receive 2 YAQI Heads instead of one:

SRH-04 Closed Comb Head.
SRH-12 Mellon Head Open Comb Head.
      These two heads can combine to create a 3rd - The "Beast" Head
      Giving you 3 Shaving Head Combinations
      & 3 Levels of Shave Profile. (1/2, 5/6 & 8/9)
      how to make a BEAST shaving head

      View this video to see how.

      This is an example of how the Razor and Heads will be boxed
      when you buy a  Selected YAQI Razors and opt for the 3-in-1 Beast mode.
      YAQI EDEN example of beast mode razor packaging

      The YAQI Beast Head is now a stand alone product you can buy here.

      The name  "Beast" comes from the aggressive look of the open comb top plate and higher Shave Profile that the head has. It was aptly named by Youtube Shaving Reviewer "Kit" (check out his channel here) who first discovered the combination and how well it shaves.

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