YAQI EDEN Safety Razor - A closer look

YAQI Eden Stainless Handle Safety Razor

yaqi eden safety razor

The EDEN is YAQI’s premier safety razor.
Manufactured for longevity and performance the stainless steel handle provides
superior grip and balances perfectly with the YAQI SRH-04 Head.
Together they provide a very well balanced shave at a medium level aggressiveness.

yaqi eden safety razor

The SRH-04 Head is one of YAQI’s most popular heads, providing precise shaving that is perfect for the busy man
who needs a close shave on a regular basis.
Finished in the YAQI Space Chrome coating it matches perfectly with the Stainless Handle.

Making the YAQI EDEN a great looker as well as performer.
yaqi eden stainless safety razoryaqi eden stainless safety razor

At 97g the EDEN is perfectly weighted to compliment your wet shaving technique.

eden razor review

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