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Our goal is to provide a Straight Razor "experience" that is affordable and of the highest quality. In contrast to the cheaper market options these days, our selection of restored Antique and Vintage straight razors were made in the day when "Quality" really meant something. The Steel is "premium" and the look and style is timeless. Choosing one of these razors over a new razor is a sound investment.


Up until now, my first two straight razors were ones that I 'won' on a lottery at an online shaving site. I picked up a 3rd razor on Ebay--that was a disaster--because it wasn't properly heat-treated, and could not be honed to a 'shave ready' status. This SR --from YAQI--is the best of the bunch! Even without a pre-shave stropping, it shaves better than BOTH of my other ones, which were supposedly honed by 'experts' dealing in straight razors. At last! Something that shaves like it's suppose to!

We have more great straights coming soon

OCT 2020:

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