YAQI Combo DE Safety Razor … 3 in 1

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This YAQI Safety Razor is a product for the people, by the people.
One Classic YAQI Chrome handle, 2 Shaving Heads giving you 3 head variations.
Offering you 3 levels of Shave Profile to keep you happy regardless of your beard growth level, stubble toughness or whether you are shaving face, head or body.


The full YAQI Safety Razor Shaving Experience.

Dual Open Comb Head.
The YAQI Dual Open Comb Head has a Minimum Shave Profile of 1-2/10, giving you a very safe, but still very efficient shave.

Scalloped Closed Comb Head.
This Closed Comb YAQI Head gives you a Medium Shave Profile or 4-5/10, allowing you to get a close but accurate shave.

Combine these two heads to create The YAQI BEAST Head, this combination has a Higher Shave Profile of 8-9/10, making it great for experienced shavers and those with thicker stubble. More information



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