2Band Badger Hair Shaving Brushes

quality 2band badger hair shaving brush
Coarser, springier hair with a relatively soft tip.
The characteristics of the knot gives it great backbone. Two-band can be little "scrubby" for some people, but that works great for those that like to exfoliate dead skin before shaving or for handling a harder soap block. 2Band Badger Hair creates a great lather, holding a large amount of lather in the knot making for a great all round shaving experience.

YAQI is one of the most experienced knot manufacturers in the world.
Over 20yrs of knot mastery sets YAQI apart from others. 

Established supply lines give YAQI access to the highest quality stock. 
YAQI's experience and attention to detail guarantee you products that will provide you with a great shave. 



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