Shaving Brushes

It's my first Shaving Brush, which one is right for me?

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If it's your first brush then my suggestion would be that you really can't go wrong with any of our brushes. Consider the size of the handle and it's shape and the size of the brush knot (height & diameter) and choose the characteristics that resonate for you. It is common to own more than one brush and in time you will become more in tune with the characteristics that best suit you.

What is backbone?

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We have this article to better explain.

Why choose Synthetic Shaving Brushes

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Synthetic Shaving brushes are very easy to look after, they take literally no maintenance. They are softer than natural hair, and hold a great lather. They are fast becoming the first choice for many shavers.
A QUALITY Synthetic brush has good backbone and needs to be set correctly in the handle to provide you with the right feel. YAQI Brushes excel in Synthetics.

Safety Razors

I'm new to this, which razor is best to start of with?

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I can direct you straight to this collection of razors. They have a "mild" shaving head which will be forgiving while you learn technique. In time you can buy different heads to better suit your beard/style.

Why so many heads?

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The shave head is interchangeable and each one offers a different look but more importantly a different level of "blade exposure". With the number of heads available you'll be sure to find one that suits your beard/style. More information

Will this head fit this handle?

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All of YAQI Heads will fit any YAQI Handle as well as most other modern 3 piece shavers from other manufacturers.

SE & DE Razors? I'm confused...

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SE stands for Single Edge & DE is Double Edge.
Simply they are two different styles of razor. Personal preference. The more traditional one might argue is DE.


Where do you dispatch from?

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Our warehouse is in the beautiful Tweed Valley in Australia. We dispatch from there. All products are dispatched with 24hrs of you placing your order.

What International shipping services do you use?

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We utilise the International EMS postal network. This provides you with a tracking number & competitive pricing.

COVID Delays

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The worst of the delays is now over though some countries are still impacted. As international flights start to increase services will continue to speed up.



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Occasionally we will offer a product as a PRE-ORDER. This is only available when we are assured that the products will be available and will be arriving on the next shipment. If at any time you wish to cancel your pre-order, simply email us with your order number and we will immediately process a 100% refund for you.

When will a product be back in stock?

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If the product is still visible on the website, then it is still part of our current catalog. If it is currently out of stock, it will be back in stock when the next shipment arrives. We generally notify customers via our newsletter when this happens. So stay subscribed to be notified.

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