YAQI Shaving Brush Backbone


yaqi shaving brush backboneYAQI create brushes
with excellent backbone.

A foundation of a great shave.


The backbone of a brush describes the brushes overall ability to withstand pressure. Brush pressure that is applied when lathering.

A shaving brush with “Good Backbone” will resist more before it collapses and splays out. 

Good Backbone is handy for a number of reasons: 

  1. Helps to exfoliate your skin and stand your bristles up.
  2. Helps when whipping up your lather in your bowl (more resistance = more lather).
  3. Gives longevity to the brush.

    Experience & Expertise

    "Backbone" is a combination of all the characteristics
    of a brush knot, including; knot diameter, knot length (loft) & handle size.
    ONE not so talked about factor is - how the knot is glued into the handle.
    "The Glue Bump."

    This is an area of expertise that
    YAQI has developed over 11 years.
    Getting the knot correctly set into the handle has a big influence on Backbone.

    Experience & Expertise - Quality Shaving Brushes.

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