YAQI DE Shaving Head Combinations

Hopefully this little article will help you all understand the YAQI range of DE Shaving Heads. 

Standard Range:

YAQI Scalloped Closed Comb Head - Easy Flow (SRH04)
YAQI Mellon Open Comb Head (SRH12)
YAQI Cobbed Closed Comb Head - Easy Flow (SRH05)

💈The SRH04 Comes Standard on all variation of the Classic DLC Razors.

💈The SRH12 Comes Standard on all:

💈The SRH05 Comes Standard on the Explorer Collection

The aggressiveness of these 3 are ranked:

  • SRH04 - Level 6 😂
  • SRH12 - Level 2 🥰
  • SRH05 - Level 5 😅


  • Base Plate from SRH05 + SRH12 Cap - Level 6.5 🤩
  • Base Plate from SRH04 + SRH12 Cap - Level 8 🤕

If you want to buy a razor with all combinations then THE KIT - 3 in 1 Safety Razor
is for you.

SRH04 - Level 6

SRH12 - Level 2


SRH05 - Level 5
Links to all Heads & their Colour Variations.

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