YAQI DE Shaving Head Combinations

The YAQI Range of DE Shaving Heads

YAQI DE Razor Heads are manufactured to high precision standards. The range comprises of 3 heads that provide 3 different levels of Shaving Profile. They are: 

Also Available - YAQI Flipside

The YAQI Open Comb & Closed Comb Flipside Head.
A great new concept from YAQI giving you two shave profiles in one Razor Head.

Side 1 - Open Comb Base: 
Shave Profile: Level 3.5/10

Side 2 - Closed Comb Base: 
Shave Profile: Level 5/10 

the beast headBuy Here

Now Available - YAQI Slant

Now available in limited supply.

Very Aggressive - Experienced hands only.
(10/10)the beast head

Buy Here

Now Available - YAQI Grill

Shave Profile:
Level 9/10

the grill headBuy Here

YAQI Single Edge Head

In Development
Coming in 2020

yaqi single edge headComing Soon

Mix-n-Match your Head & Handle

All YAQI Heads have a M5X0.8 Thread Size meaning they will fit most, if not all modern handles from 3 piece safety razors.

When you buy any YAQI Shaving Head from YAQI Shaving you will receive a M5 Nylon Washer & M5 Nylon Wingnut.

Both of these are perfect for storing your head safely when not in use on your handle. The M5 Washer can also be used with the handle - it helps ensure your 
shave head doesn't unscrew while shaving...

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explore de heads

From the BEAST to the NEW FLIPSIDE, there is a head waiting for you.

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