YAQI DE Shaving Head Combinations (OLD)

Standard Range of YAQI Heads are:

YAQI Mellon Open Comb Head - SRH-12
YAQI Cobbled Closed Comb Head - Easy Flow (SRH05)


💈The SRH-12 Comes Standard on all:

💈The SRH-05 Comes Standard on the Explorer Collection Safety DE Razors

💈The SRH-04 Comes Standard on all variation of the Classic DLC Razors Safety DE Razors.

The aggressiveness levels of these heads are:


  • Base Plate from SRH-05 + SRH-12 Cap - Level 6.5/10 🤩
    • This combination is not available to buy, it can only be made by you mixing and matching.
  • Base Plate from SRH-04 + SRH-12 Cap - Level 8/10 (The Beast SRH-13) 🤕
    • This combination can be purchased, it's called the BEAST
YAQI Beast Open Comb Head - Easy Flow - SRH-13


    ⭐️ All YAQI Heads have a M5X0.8 Thread Size meaning they will fit most, if not all modern handles from 3 piece safety razors.

    If you want to buy a razor with all combinations then THE KIT - 3 in 1 Safety Razor is for you.


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