YAQI Shave Profile

This term is used to describe how your YAQI Razor will shave.

It is a reference to a combination of:
Blade Gap - measured between the Cutting edge of the blade and the razor guard.
Blade Exposure - measured by how far the blade extends past the protective plates.
yaqi shave profile

Blade Gap + Blade Exposure = Shave Profile - displayed as a value out of 10
with 1 the Minimum Gap & Blade Exposure
and 10 the Maximum Gap & Blade Exposure.

Min: 1-3/10
Medium: 4-6/10
Max: 7-10/10


celebrate our differences

Because, thankfully, we are all different.


If you want to be able to shave and not have to focus on technique so much, choose a Safety Razor with Minimal Shave Profile ( Min: 1-3/10).
The blade will shave you well, but probably not as close to your skin as a Razor with a Higher Shave Profile. More forgiving around chin and mouth areas.
Customers who like this style:
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A common starting point naturally is to go for a Safety Razor with a Medium Shave Profile ( Medium: 4-6/10).
A great place to start as it is forgiving to a point. Giving you reason enough to pay attention to technique though. Good for coarser stubble.
Customers who like this style:
#all-round-shave #go-to-shave #Easy-to-use  #everydayshave #intermediate #efficient-shave

The higher Shave Profiles are usually reserved for the more experienced, or more adventurous shavers. Don't be too afraid to try, but understand that your close attention to technique is required. Perfect for men with thick stubble.
Note: This level of Shave profile is NOT available as a RAZOR. You will need to purchase the shaving head separately here. Or purchase a RAZOR with a 3-in-1 Beast Mode Option.
Customers who like this style:
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There are many growing Wet Shaving Communities online that openly discuss these techniques and share their experiences.
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