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  • ROAR Solid Cologne - Work
ROAR Solid Cologne - Work ROAR Solid Cologne - Work ROAR Solid Cologne - Work ROAR Solid Cologne - Work ROAR Solid Cologne - Work ROAR Solid Cologne - Work ROAR Solid Cologne - Work
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ROAR Solid Cologne - Work

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Vendor: YAQI Shaving
Hand Made from 100% Natural Australian Products, VEGAN Friendly:

Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Soy wax,
Shea Butter & Essential Oils:

  • Base Notes:  Frankincense & Sandalwood
  • Middle Notes: Clary Sage & Chamomile
  • Top Notes: Clove & Peppermint


Confident, Energetic and Unique, a subtle blend of interesting woody, Oriental spicy scents lifted with a clean fresh crisp dash of individuality. Everybody will love you 🥰 well almost everybody...

NO Alcohol, so can be use on the neck after shaving. NO Ethyl acetate, NO Acetophenone, NO Acetone, NO Denatured alcohol, NO Phthalates

Generous 14ml size. perfect for your pocket.

ROAR Solid Cologne is very convenient & really easy to use: 
Apply ROAR Solid Cologne to your pulse points such as the neck and wrist. You also rub some behind your ears on the back of your knees.  Great for everyday use, just keep the tin handy in your pocket or sports bag/briefcase.

Dab a little when you need it and always smell great.
HINT: Leave the container on your desk partially open to give your area a signature scent. It is a subtle aroma.

What you can expect:

Don't expect all day long strength, the idea with ROAR Solid Colognes is that they can be with you wherever you are, so applying a dab here and a dab there throughout your day is the best way to use it. They are personal scents, you and anyone very close to you will enjoy them.

Why is that better?

It's a very personal thing, but most men don't want to broadcast to the room that they covered themselves in cologne. Men it seems are more interested in the confidence gained from knowing that should someone get close they will smell good and natural.

Care Instructions:
Do not expose to sunlight or heat for long periods of time, product may melt.
To solidify, place out of direct sunlight or put into refrigerator for a quicker fix.

*And as always, in the rare circumstance that irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Local & International Delivery Options
Local & International Delivery Options
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