• YAQI Barber 24mm Synthetic Tuxedo Knot Shaving Brush

YAQI Barber 24mm Synthetic Tuxedo Knot Shaving Brush

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The YAQI Tuxedo Knot is dense, more than you've probably experienced from other leading shaving brands. The Knot is also set fairly deep which always adds to the feel of the density.

" Great brush, easy grip & high quality knot. "
Hair Material : Synthetic Tuxedo Knot
Handle Material: Resin
Brush Knot Diameter: 24mm (+/-1mm)
Loft Size: 55mm (+/-1mm)

Handle Height: 79mm (+/-1mm)
Widest Diameter of the Handle: 38mm (+/-1mm)

3-in-1 BEAST Mode
Local & International Delivery Options
Barber Pole Design
3-in-1 BEAST Mode

3-in-1 Beast Mode Option

When you select this option on selected YAQI Razors you will receive 2 YAQI Heads instead of one: SRH-04 Closed Comb Head & SRH-12 Mellon Head Open Comb Head.

Read more about this option here.

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Barber Pole Design

YAQI has a range of traditional Barber Pole design Shaving Brushes.

You can view them all here.πŸ’ˆ

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