• YAQI Explorer DE Safety Razor - Matte Black

YAQI Explorer DE Safety Razor - Matte Black

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YAQI Explorer "Closed Comb" safety razor is easy to use and to keep clean while shaving, giving you the immediate benefits of wet shaving over your current method.

This YAQI Safety Razor is made for Balance, Performance & Affordability

It's construction provides excellent durability and efficiency of shave. A thick but lightweight handle with YAQI Cobbed Closed Comb Head - Easy Flow that has a medium aggressiveness 5/10.

It is classed as a "medium-aggressive" shave head making it ideal for first time users. The cut-outs make for easy cleaning and this head tends to unclog easily while shaving even when using "sticky" shaving creams or face washes. The slim head makes under nose shaving easier.

Razor Head Material: Zinc Alloy
Handle Material: Brass
Handle Length: 90mm
Handle Diameter: 14mm
Color: Black
Total Weight: about 63g

Brush not included, but you can buy it here.

3-in-1 BEAST Mode
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3-in-1 BEAST Mode

3-in-1 Beast Mode Option

When you select this option on selected YAQI Razors you will receive 2 YAQI Heads instead of one: SRH-04 Closed Comb Head & SRH-12 Mellon Head Open Comb Head.

Read more about this option here.

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