• YAQI Grace Diamond DE Safety Razor - Chrome

YAQI Grace Diamond DE Safety Razor - Chrome

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Shaving Royalty

YAQI Grace Diamond has a slightly longer Knurled & Channeled Handle giving great grip and making it ease to use.

This YAQI Safety Razor is made for Style, Performance & Affordability

Its construction provides excellent reliability and efficiency of shave and makes for a great all round shaver for face, head or body shaving.

The YAQI Open Comb Head has a Minimum Shave Profile of 1-2/10, giving you a very safe, but still very efficient shave.

Razor Head Material:
Zinc Alloy with Chrome
Razor Head Model: 
SRH-12 Mellon Open Comb
Handle Material:
Brass with Chrome 

Handle Length: 110mm (XL)
Total Razor Length: 114mm
Handle Diameter: 12mm
Total weight: Approx 115g
Package contents: 1 x Razor/Without Blades.

    Stand & Brush not included but you can buy them here:

    3-in-1 BEAST Mode
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    3-in-1 BEAST Mode

    3-in-1 Beast Mode Option

    When you select this option on selected YAQI Razors you will receive 2 YAQI Heads instead of one: SRH-04 Closed Comb Head & SRH-12 Mellon Head Open Comb Head.

    Read more about this option here.

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