• YAQI Scalloped Closed Comb Head - Easy Flow - Colours

YAQI Scalloped Closed Comb Head - Easy Flow - Colours

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The YAQI Scalloped Closed Comb Head with Easy Flow base gives you a mid range Shave profile to your shave.
" Well built head, a bit more aggressive than an Edwin Jagger."
Shave Profile:  Level 6/10
  • Razor head material: Zinc Alloy
  • Weight: 28.4g
  • Thread size: M5X0.8
  • M5 Nylon Washer
  • M5 Nylon Wing-nut

Head ONLY - Handle not included.
3-in-1 BEAST Mode
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3-in-1 BEAST Mode

3-in-1 Beast Mode Option

When you select this option on selected YAQI Razors you will receive 2 YAQI Heads instead of one: SRH-04 Closed Comb Head & SRH-12 Mellon Head Open Comb Head.

Read more about this option here.

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more aggressive than advertised

I easily have 6 or 7 razors that I use regularly...old stuff like a 1960's Gillette adjustable, to a Feather AS-D2, to a Rockwell 6C. I picked up Yaqi SRH-12 Mellon open comb head, thinking that an double open comb like this one would give me a closer shave, as all my other DE razors are closed comb. I was quite pleased with it, so I then bought this SRH-04 head, as it was advertised as "mid-level aggressive; 6/10. Since it is a closed comb head, I was expecting a LITTLE more "aggression" than the SRH-12, but I was unpleasantly surprised. This thing is a monster! At first I thought it was because I had "too aggressive" of a blade in it; (Israeli Personna red) so I switched to a Derby Premium--and it wasn't any better. This might work for you if you have a heavy, coarse, beard--and NEED an aggressive razor, but for a guy with a regular beard--who can get by with shaving every other day; this is TOO MUCH RAZOR. Case in point: Given the option of #1 to #6--mild to aggressive-with the Rockwell I use the #4 'plate', and get a close shave, with no irritation. With this razor; I'm always left with 'weepers", and my face feels "raw" when I run my alum stone across it. I've only used it twice--but shaving usually makes me happy--this razor fills me with dread! It will probably end up on Ebay, because I'm not man enough to keep using it!

YAQI Shaving

Hi, Thank you for taking the time to write your review. I have my suspicions that it may be the coloured heads are more aggressive, maybe it's the thicker paint layer? So if it's OK with you I'll send you the chrome version to compare. Would love your feedback again when you receive it.

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